JVC BD-R Brings Taiyo-Yuden Quality to Recordable Blu-ray

JVC has a long history of providing consistent quality in their recordable discs. After merging with Taiyo-Yuden, they have maintained the same high level attributes that made them the go-to brand. They have pioneered recordable CD, DVD and Blu-ray technology and this is no exception. Manufactured in Japan, the JVC BD-R discs are quality.

JVC Advanced Media Introduces Recordable Blu-ray LTH Media

One of the biggest players in the world of optical storage is JVC Advanced Media. Their discs were sold in the US under the brand name Taiyo Yuden until 2010 when the company transitioned to its current moniker. Both Taiyo Yuden and JVC Advanced Media are known for the high quality of their recordable CD [...]

JVC/Taiyo Yuden’s Partnership: Exclusive Interview with JVC Advanced Media USA’s President

Taiyo Yuden is a pioneer in terms of setting the highest standards for recordable CDs and DVDs.  When the company joined forces less than two years ago with the JVC brand, many users who had fallen in love with Taiyo Yuden discs were not quite sure how the shift affected them.  Would they be getting [...]

How Will the Japanese Earthquake Affect the Optical Media Industry?

On March 11th, 2011, the country of Japan was hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. The powerful earthquake was recorded as a 9.0 magnitude on the Richter scale, making it the most severe earthquake to occur in Japan in recorded history. The earthquake damaged roads, buildings, and infrastructure while flood waters from the tsunami [...]

2010 in Review: A Look Back at the Duplication Industry

With the new year just around the corner, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the events of the past year. 2010 was a year of ups and downs, and the duplication industry was no exception. The troubled economy took its toll on the industry with packaging giant NexPak and equipment manufacturer Verity [...]