Backward Compatibility of Optical Media

If you are not a wizard when it comes to CD and DVD technology, this article is for you! Optical media such as CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs look very similar to one another. They are the same size, shape, and very close in weight. However, optical media discs are not universally interchangeable. Today I’m […]

ECMA Publishes New Standard for Testing CD/DVD Disc Longevity

Even if you have never heard of ECMA International before, you are probably familiar with the results of their work. When a manufacturer of blank DVD media advertises that their discs will last for “up to 100 years,” they can make that claim because of work done by ECMA. But wait a minute! How do […]

Pros and Cons of Discs and USBs: Why There’s Room For Both

Current technology fosters our society’s insatiable demand for more and more digital information and distribution.  Additionally, there’s a matching desire to retain and store that content.  Optical media and flash memory are two primary storage devices competing in the market to hold your audio, video and other digital files.  Strengths and weaknesses can be argued […]