DVD and Blu-ray Still Watched More Than Online Digital Content

Looks like some of the things trend forecasters say need to be taken in with a grain of salt. Despite the majority of recent trends and tech news proclaiming the death of optical media and the rise of digital content (with frequent references to Netflix), it seems that home entertainment users are still loyal to [...]

Sony Blu-ray Disc Players Also To Stream from the Cloud

Blu-ray disc players have been around for more than 6 years and in such an arguably short period of time, they have evolved for the better. They used to be simple and expensive, and they only played discs–which is what they were basically manufactured for and expected to do. Even Blu-ray discs were just as [...]

Blu-ray and Netflix Keep Home Media Sales Afloat

Reuters has reported that Blu-ray and online video subscription services are saving the home entertainment video sales market, after reaching a seven-year low. U.S. consumers have increased their home entertainment spending by 2.5 %, roughly $4.5 billion, over a year ago, according to the Entertainment Group, a trade group made up of members who include [...]

Netflix Price Hike Has Users Seeing Red Over DVD Rentals

Earlier this week we wrote an article about the changes Netflix, Inc. is making to their monthly services. The company’s new pricing model separates their users into two categories: streaming-only customers and customers who pressed DVD discs by mail. Each of the two plans costs $7.99 per month, and the option to rent two movies [...]

Streaming vs. Blu-ray: The Battle for Movie Quality

The market for online video services is heating up with major players including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon all competing with each other. These Streaming Video-on-Demand services offer a catalog of popular movies and TV shows for a monthly fee. With millions of households signing up for these streaming video services, why would anyone stick with [...]