Microboards Announces End-of-Life for Legacy Printers and Publishers

Sometimes in life, a new technology comes along and displaces an old one, leaving users no choice but to go forward. Think of the transition from cassette tapes to CDs, or from analog to digital television broadcasting. Like it or not, these technologies became the new standards for their industries. The disc printing industry is [...]

Network Software Now Standard with New Microboards Publishers

Microboards Technology has recently published an official statement regarding the company’s PrintWrite 2 software that comes bundled with its automated disc publishers. Starting March 31st, 2011, Microboards will be including the network upgrade for PrintWrite 2 with all new disc publisher purchases at no additional cost. Network access was a key feature introduced in version [...]

Gear Up with the Microboards G3 DVD/CD Printer and Publisher

In order to do an important job like disc production, you need to have the right tools. Fortunately, Microboards has just released two new tools to make the job a whole lot easier. The new G3 Autoprinter and G3 Publisher are ready to tackle the toughest duplication jobs head-on! This pair of machines are the [...]