Nine Creative Uses for CDs and DVDs

Now that you may have moved your music and data from CDs and DVDs to MP3 players, flash drives or other storage mediums, you may be facing a dilemma: what do you do with those discs you have piled up in corners, closets and shelves collecting dust? Before you think about pitching them in the […]

Pros and Cons of Discs and USBs: Why There’s Room For Both

Current technology fosters our society’s insatiable demand for more and more digital information and distribution.  Additionally, there’s a matching desire to retain and store that content.  Optical media and flash memory are two primary storage devices competing in the market to hold your audio, video and other digital files.  Strengths and weaknesses can be argued […]

Warner Bros. Launches DVD to Blu-ray Trade In Program

During the past several months, I’ve written extensively about the rise of Blu-ray as the dominant format for home video. Warner Bros. aims to stimulate that growth even further with the launch of their new movie trade-in program, DVD2Blu. DVD2Blu is the first program of its kind. The way it works is that customers who […]