Sony Partners with BluFocus over Development Software

Some time ago, we wrote an article called “How to Author a Blu-ray Disc” in which we looked at authoring software from Adobe, Sonic, Sony, and NetBlender. A year after that article was written, Sony acquired NetBlender and their DoStudio authoring software. Now, Sony’s management have partnered with BluFocus (a Blu-ray standards and testing company) [...]

2012 CES Las Vegas Preview

It’s almost time once again for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada! This annual trade show is where the world’s electronics manufacturers gather to show off their latest gadgets and gizmos as well as pre-production and concept products. CDROM2GO Blog was in attendance for the 2011 show, where we saw all kinds of [...]

UltraViolet Format Makes its Debut

The past decade has been a turbulent one for the movie industry as it struggles with the convergence of physical content and digital entertainment. Peer-to-peer file sharing, high-profile lawsuits, and the global market for pirated content have made movie studios more vigilant than ever about protecting their films. Now, a new platform called UltraViolet may [...]