Six Creative CD Jewel Case Craft Ideas

We’ve already proven that the CD spindle can be repurposed for countless uses.  Our creative juices are flowing again and thanks to the craft prowess of the online community, we’ve discovered that the CD jewel case is another great foundation for DIY projects.  Most likely you’ve racked up a pretty large collection over the past [...]

Simplify Your Duplication with These 5 Handy Gadgets

Like most guys, I am in love with gadgets. Gadgets are small, cleverly designed objects that serve a specific purpose. Gadgets are everywhere in our daily lives such as in the kitchen, in the car, and in our pockets. This got me thinking: what kind of gadgets exist to help with CD duplication and DVD [...]

21 Creative Uses for CD Spindle Cake Boxes

Believe it or not, the CD spindle (or “cake box”) is one of the most versatile plastic containers available today. To most people, a cake box is nothing more than a way of storing CD and DVD discs. To others, it is the foundation for a whole world of creative DIY projects. The following list [...]