Blu-ray Security: A Cause for Concern?

Blu-ray is the preferred home movie format for consumers because of its amazing picture and sound quality. Movie studios love Blu-ray discs because they contain strong anti-piracy technologies that prevent people from making illegal copies of HD movies. However, recent developments have caused the security of the Blu-ray format to come under scrutiny. It wasn’t […]

The Blu-ray Authoring Process Explained

With so many video producers making the switch to Blu-ray discs, we have been fielding a lot of questions lately about Blu-ray authoring. What are the requirements for creating a Blu-ray master disc, and how do you go about doing it? Well that’s exactly what I am going to talk about in today’s post. The […]

Blu-ray Security: Is it Strong Enough?

By now, you’ve probably heard about what makes Blu-ray so great. It’s more than just the newest format for movie releases and PlayStation 3 games. It’s got better picture and sound quality than DVD. Last year, Blu-ray triumphed over its rival format HD-DVD which withdrew from the market in February. Also in 2008, sales of […]