CD/DVD/BD Directory

We understand it can be a real challenge to get in touch with everyone you need to put together a professional CD or DVD project. That’s why we have compiled this handy reference page so that you can get information on duplication and replication service providers and standards organizations from around the world, right at your fingertips.

CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Replication Service
CDROM2GO – Your source for professional disc duplication services including CD, DVD, and Blu-ray

Content Licensing
ASCAP Licensing – Obtain information and permission on music licensing for performances and “cover” songs

Blu-ray Disc Licensing – Resource for FLLA licensing for Blu-ray content

Creative Commons – Information on releasing your work to the public domain with conditions

GS1 UPC Bar Codes – The authentic source for bar code (UPC) licensing

Industry Associations
Blu-ray Disc Association – Group of manufacturers that promote and support the Blu-ray format

Content Delivery and Storage Association – Advocates for fair use and distribution of all types of digital media

DVD Forum – Dedicated to promoting and improving the DVD format worldwide

International Disc Duplicating Association – Promotes global standards of ethics for disc duplicators and associated industries

Optical Storage Technology Association – Overseers of the UDF specification

Berklee College of MusicĀ – The Berklee College of Music website

CD Recordable FAQ – The definitive source for everything related to Recordable CDs

Music Publisher’s Association – An association of music industry professionals

Recording Industry Association of America – Controls the production and distribution of major-label music

Video Links
AfterDawn – Breaking technology and media related news

Digital Video Magazine – Equipment news and reviews for video industry professionals

Motion Picture Association of America – Major regulatory and ratings association for American filmmakers

VideoHelp – Get information on video authoring and conversions; includes software guides and tutorials