Stick to It with Adhesive Disc Hubs

There are countless ways to package a disc, but there’s only one way that really sticks with you! Adhesive disc hubs (sometimes called CD buttons) are a clever way to mount CD and DVD discs to nearly any surface. These hubs are typically made of foam or soft plastic and feature a peel-off adhesive backing. […]

Enhance Your CD/DVD Project with Case Wrap Bags

Yesterday we talked about automated CD/DVD packaging equipment from Verity. Their machines are excellent for high-volume production, but what can you do to enhance the appearance of your smaller size jobs? I’m going to let you in on a secret. If you produce CD or DVD discs in small quantities (100 pieces or less), you […]

Multi-Disc CD Cases Provide Extra Disc Storage

Without a doubt, the three most popular types of disc packaging are the paper sleeve, the jewel case, and the DVD case. Although these types of packaging are widely recognized, they are designed to hold just one or two discs. When you need to store lots of discs, the best solution is a multi-disc CD […]

Multiply Your Disc Storage with Multi-Disc DVD Cases

There is no doubt that CD and DVD discs can store a lot of information, but what do you do when one disc just isn’t enough? For DVD videos, audio books, and other extended-length projects, the easiest solution is the multi-disc DVD case. This marvel of the CD/DVD packaging world comes in a variety of […]

A Brief History of the CD Jewel Case

The classic CD jewel case is perhaps the most famous design in the world of CD/DVD packaging. The story of how it came to be is actually quite interesting. Grab a drink and get comfortable while I explain the history of the CD jewel case. In 1981, Sony and Philips had formed a partnership to […]