Store More with Clear Versapak DVD Storage Cases

Although we often write about the growth of Blu-ray on the CDROM2GO Blog, the fact is that many businesses, companies, and users are still using DVD-R discs to store their information. In order to record the same amount of information contained on a single BD-R disc, a user would need four or five DVD-R discs. […]

Pros and Cons of CD Jewel Cases

One of the most popular types of CD packaging ever invented is the CD jewel case. We brought you the story behind this ubiquitous case in our article “A Brief History of the CD Jewel Case” back in 2009. Now, we’re going to look at some pros and cons of using CD jewel cases for […]

Store More with Multi-Disc CD/DVD Storage Cases

When it comes to storing CD and DVD discs, space is always a concern. How much space do you have? How much space will it take to store your discs? Fortunately, multi-disc storage cases solve that problem quite nicely. A multi-disc case is any type of plastic CD or DVD case that holds more than […]

Is Media Mail Worth the Price?

Working on a tight budget often involves a lot of give-and-take, especially when it comes to disc duplication. Companies and organizations must make the most their limited resources to get their discs finished. One thing that people often ask about is saving money on postage by using Media Mail. What are the benefits of using […]

Protect Your Discs with Tyvek CD/DVD Sleeves

Have you ever heard the expression “looks can be deceiving?” This is certainly true of Tyvek CD/DVD sleeves. While they look just like a paper CD sleeve, Tyvek sleeves are almost a miracle product in the packaging industry. To understand why these sleeves are so special, we need to first understand the material they are […]