How To Make A DVD Case Art Frame Display

We all celebrate anniversaries of one kind or another – from the first time a couple meets, a wedding date, or even a birthday. Finding a crafty way to celebrate offers a personal touch. Re-using something that would otherwise just pile up in the closet, also brings a sense of accomplishment and peach of mind […]

How To Make CD Case Wall Art

Transferring all my music CDs to a binder has left me with lots of CD jewel cases. Some of them are even still in good condition – though most of them are covered in scratches and little cracks. I don’t have that much room to store them, but would rather not just throw them out and […]

Another Five Creative CD Jewel Case Craft Ideas

Just in case we didn’t satisfy your crafty curiosity with six creative jewel case ideas, we’re dazzling you with five more projects.  After all, it seems silly to have packaging meant for art display go to waste in the back of a storage closet full of CDs (by the way, we have an entirely different […]

Six Creative CD Jewel Case Craft Ideas

We’ve already proven that the CD spindle can be repurposed for countless uses.  Our creative juices are flowing again and thanks to the craft prowess of the online community, we’ve discovered that the CD jewel case is another great foundation for DIY projects.  Most likely you’ve racked up a pretty large collection over the past […]

Handmade Mix CDs Still Make Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Some of you may be too young to have remembered or experienced this romantic gesture, but there was a time pre-2008 when receiving a mix cassette tape or mix CD was a big deal. They were a great way to express feelings that words could not and share special song tracks that had a unique […]