Optical Media

Disc Drive Issues Affecting Small Number of Xbox One Consoles

According to the popular gaming news site Kotaku, about 150 XBox One users have reported problems with their new game consoles’ disc drives. The drives are scratching games and making a gut-wrenching grinding noise upon inserting a disc. Like the PlayStation 4, the XBox One also sold over 1 million units on its first day. [...]

PlayStation 4 Sees Strong Sales in Spite of Defect Claims

Customers who pre-ordered the Playstation 4 launch bundle began receiving their shiny new game consoles in the mail last week. But for hundreds of customers, their excitement quickly turned to rage upon finding out that the consoles were dead on arrival. Over 800 customers have left 1-star reviews for the PS4 Launch Bundle on Amazon.com, [...]

Sony PlayStation 4 Requires One-Time Activation to Watch DVD, Blu-ray Movies

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the PlayStation 4, the first all-new game console from Sony since the PlayStation 3 came out seven years ago. If you are one of the millions of gamers with the PS4 at the top of your list, I’ve got good news for you: Christmas is comin’ early [...]

Taiwanese Researchers Use Compact Discs to Treat Wastewater

Whether CD or DVD, the main purpose of a compact disc is to store large amounts of information. People often find ways to repurpose CDs for other projects such as DIY ornaments, craft spinners, CD mosaic artwork, and even CD jewel case projects and creative uses for cake boxes. Each of these projects uses a [...]

Pioneer Reveals World’s First Wireless Blu-ray Drive

In today’s ultra-slim and ultra-portable world, a growing number of electronic devices are shedding their optical drives to lose weight. The laptop has given rise to the Ultrabook and the tablet. The Mac Mini and Mac Pro desktops lost their disc drives long ago. But what if you are not ready to give up your [...]