Ritek To Produce Licensed M-Disc for Millenniata

Millenniata just announced it has entered a manufacturing and license agreement with RITEK corporation, the leading manufacturer of optical storage media in the world, to manufacture M-DISC™ optical discs. The leader in disc storage media, Ritek is poised to bring the M-DISC™ to the next level in a global market. These blank CD and DVD [...]

How-To: Desk-Top Terrarium with a DVD/CD Spindle

My office is a bit barren of life – green plant life that is. While I would love to sit in some solarium all day, that isn’t an option where I work. The other difficulty with trying to keep a green space in the office is the lack of natural light. That’s why this Desktop [...]

Stock Up on JVC/Taiyo Yuden Metalized CD-R

Who among you want a beautiful, consistent metallic finish across an entire CD-R? How many of you want to pay only 25 cents per disc? It’s Deal Day at CDROM2GO which means that we have a great offer, plus a lot of other really great offers in our Weekly Deal Email, which you can subscribe [...]

Handmade Mix CDs Still Make Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Some of you may be too young to have remembered or experienced this romantic gesture, but there was a time pre-2008 when receiving a mix cassette tape or mix CD was a big deal. They were a great way to express feelings that words could not and share special song tracks that had a unique [...]

Samsung SE-208BW External CD/DVD Burner Goes Wireless

Just a few years ago, setting up a wireless home network was a relatively simple task. There was a modem, a router, and perhaps one to three computers to worry about. Today, most wireless networks include these things plus Internet-connected game consoles, Blu-ray players, tablets, smartphones, printers, and perhaps a network-attached storage (NAS) device such [...]