Convert Blu-ray To Digital Files For Personal Playing Anywhere You Go

Watching Blu-ray on your player is great. High quality video looks great so why not have it everywhere you go? For one, your iPad does not play Blu-ray discs. Even though you bought the disc, you can’t conveniently play it on your other digital devices unless you copy the content for your other tech tools. […]

Blu-Ray Disc Box Set Fall 2012 Release Schedule: Marvel Avengers, Indiana Jones, James Bond and MORE!

Blu-ray offers a number of advantages over other formats, not the least of which is the excuse to release favorite films and shows ALL over again. Below I have listed some of the best that are coming out this fall and they are incredible! A 20-disc set of 50 years of James Bond!? A 10-disc […]

Sony Blu-ray Disc Players to Stream from the Cloud

Blu-ray disc players have been around for more than 6 years and in such an arguably short period of time, they have evolved for the better. They used to be simple and expensive, and they only played discs–which is what they were basically manufactured for and expected to do. Even Blu-ray discs were just as […]

How CD, DVD, Blu-ray Copy Protection Software Works

The software and movies you buy on a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray are often copy protected, meaning you can use the content on them but you will be unable to copy them onto another medium. In other words, the production houses will equip the CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays with Digital Rights Management (DRM) to discourage […]

ASUS Blu-ray XL Burner Delivers Form and Function

Today, Blu-ray XL discs are on the cutting edge of optical media technology. We’ve written about Blu-ray XL products from Pioneer, Imation, Sharp, Verbatim, Panasonic, and other companies. However, nothing compares to the new slim Blu-ray XL burner from ASUS. The SBW-06C2X-U drive is the latest and greatest external burner from the Taiwan-based manufacturer. Like […]