Blu-ray Sales Continue To Increase

Digital download and online streaming is starting to take the place that optical media once held in terms of home entertainment. CD and DVD sales have been consistently dropping since the shift of consumer preference to digital media. But despite the bad news from CD and DVD sales, Blu-ray doesn’t seem to be suffering. As [...]

Fine Tune Your Home Theater with a Blu-ray Calibration Disc

For the serious home theater enthusiast, nothing but the best equipment will do. A big screen TV, a Blu-ray player, and a thunderous stereo system can bring the cinema experience to your living room. Now, a new Blu-ray disc lets you dial everything in to make sure your equipment is configured properly. This special Blu-ray [...]

Microsoft Reveals New Xbox One Console with Blu-ray Drive

Earlier today, Microsoft unveiled their next generation gaming and entertainment console, the Xbox One, at a press event on the Microsoft campus in Redmond. The hour-long event was also streamed live worldwide on Several members of the Xbox development team as well as third-party game and content developers talked about the exciting new features [...]

TDK Announces Withdrawal from Blu-ray Business

Every year TDK sells millions of blank CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs all over the world. Earlier this week, TDK announced that they are planning to withdrawal from the Blu-ray business entirely by March of 2014. Over the next year, TDK will shut down or sell off its production lines that manufacture the company’s BD-R, [...]

Facebook Considers Blu-ray for Datacenter Storage

How do you manage one of the world’s largest databases of information? 600 million users worth of friends, photos, videos, likes, and games is a lot of data to manage. For Facebook’s Vice President of Engineering Jay Parikh, it’s no easy task. Mr. Parikh recently spoke about Facebook’s new server architecture at the Open Compute [...]