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Epson Updates iPrint App to Version 4.0

We’ve written about Epson’s iPrint App back when it first came out in 2010. In the initial release, the App could only print photos, not documents – and it was available for either iPhone or Blackberry. How times have changed since then! We also covered the release of iPrint 2.0 in 2011, which added the [...]

TEAC Introduces UR-50BD Medical DVR Recorder

In the disc printing industry, TEAC is known for their family of P-55 thermal disc printers. These machines use a 4-color CMYK ribbon to achieve reliable, color-stable printing across an entire run of discs. With each ribbon good for 500 prints, the TEAC became a smart choice for professionals looking to print their own discs. [...]

Pioneer Reveals World’s First Wireless Blu-ray Drive

In today’s ultra-slim and ultra-portable world, a growing number of electronic devices are shedding their optical drives to lose weight. The laptop has given rise to the Ultrabook and the tablet. The Mac Mini and Mac Pro desktops lost their disc drives long ago. But what if you are not ready to give up your [...]

Singulus Announces BLULINE III 100GB Blu-ray Replication Machine

When you buy a Blu-ray movie from the store, where does the disc inside come from? It’s made in a factory somewhere, but how, and by whom? It’s easy to buy and enjoy the latest titles without ever thinking about the technology that makes it all happen. Movie studios and distribution groups such as Sony [...]

Philips Announces Blu-ray Player with 4K Ultra HD Upscaling

Here in the United States, the largest technology trade show of the year is the International CES, held each year in January. In Germany, a similar trade show called IFA takes place each year in September. This event features technology manufacturers coming together to show off their latest consumer electronics products. At the 2013 IFA [...]