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The Easiest Ways to Convert VHS to DVD

Though it has been ages since we last used VHS (Video Home System) to watch a movie or a snippet of a family get-together, VHS has our precious memories still stored in VHS tapes. How about converting these memories into DVDs to make them alive again and to make them last longer? It certainly makes […]

Blu-Ray Disc Box Set Fall 2012 Release Schedule: Marvel Avengers, Indiana Jones, James Bond and MORE!

Blu-ray offers a number of advantages over other formats, not the least of which is the excuse to release favorite films and shows ALL over again. Below I have listed some of the best that are coming out this fall and they are incredible! A 20-disc set of 50 years of James Bond!? A 10-disc […]

How CD, DVD, Blu-ray Copy Protection Software Works

The software and movies you buy on a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray are often copy protected, meaning you can use the content on them but you will be unable to copy them onto another medium. In other words, the production houses will equip the CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays with Digital Rights Management (DRM) to discourage […]

Four Fun CD Case Crafts and Activities

You may have an over abundance of empty CD cases laying around, whether you lost or got rid of CDs. I store my Discs in a large binder which is why I have extra cases. CD cases, often referred to as jewel cases, can be used in creative ways, some of which we have posted […]

Seven Creative Uses for CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc Cases and Spindles

Reusing is even better than recycling because it takes one great thing and continues it’s life as another thing. Besides, filling up my trash bin with digital disc spindle cases means I have to take out the trash more often. With all the great ideas out there, I am sure that there are a few […]