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You Can Burn OS X Mountain Lion to a DVD!

Ah, the versatile DVD! We think it is so old fashioned, but really, it keeps so much going – specifically the software that we love to use on all our devices. You can download the OS X Mountain Lion from Apple’s App Store at any time after you have purchased it, but it is always […]

New Anti-Piracy Warnings on DVD and Blu-ray Discs

DVD piracy is undoubtedly squeezing out millions from film industry revenue in the US, as is elsewhere. It is amusing that anti-piracy warnings are attached to DVDs and Blu-Ray discs that are bought legally, which makes it like telling buyers not to take what they are paying for! However, it is about making a statement […]

Blu-ray vs. iTunes 1080p

iTunes, having come out with the improved 1080p, has made a great improvement over the 720p format in quality but also an increase in file size. The REAL comparison then is between the new iTunes 1080p and Blu-ray disc quality. Blu-ray has been the picture quality champion since its release but now the portability of […]

The Pioneer BDP-150 3D Blu-ray Player Features USB Support, Smartphone Controls, LOTS of Streaming

What’s the use of your 3D TV if you do not have a 3D Blu-ray player to go with it? The huge price tag doesn’t have to stop you now because Pioneer has now come up with an excellent 3D Blu-ray player called the Pioneer BDP-150 for $179. This is truly a remarkable device as […]

Convert Blu-ray To Digital Files For Personal Playing Anywhere You Go

Watching Blu-ray on your player is great. High quality video looks great so why not have it everywhere you go? For one, your iPad does not play Blu-ray discs. Even though you bought the disc, you can’t conveniently play it on your other digital devices unless you copy the content for your other tech tools. […]