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3 Ways to Play DVD Movies in Windows 8

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system has been on the market for four months now, and I have been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about it. One of the biggest complaints I’ve listened to from friends and family is about Windows 8 not being able to play DVD movies natively. In response to that, I’m […]

Pros and Cons of Starting a DVD Video Ministry

Recently, I talked about creating an audio CD duplication ministry for your church. Today, I want to talk about some of the benefits and drawbacks of starting a DVD video ministry for your church. A DVD ministry would allow a church to record video of its services and make them available to members, usually for […]

The Complete Guide to Starting an Audio Ministry with CD Duplication

Today I want to talk about starting a CD duplication ministry and how it can benefit your church. This guide can be helpful to churches of any size, whether you have 50 people or 5,000 people. Let’s start at the beginning: what is an audio duplication ministry? In a nutshell, this means that the members […]

How To: Windows 8 Makes CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burning Easy

Emerging DVD markets in South America and some parts of Asia as well as Blu-ray discs becoming popular in Europe and North America are enough proof that the optical disc business is here to stay. What’s more, the latest Windows operating system makes sure that optical media won’t vanish in America any time soon. Disc […]

How To: Use CDs For DIY Ornaments

The amount of electronic waste present in landfills is alarming. Not only are most devices non-biodegradable, but they also leak harmful materials into the soil, leading to detrimental environmental effects. To avoid this, a dedicated few are working their hardest to reuse electronic products to prevent them from ending up in landfills. Such actions have […]