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Turn Your DVD and Blu-ray Media Into UltraViolet Digital Copies

UltraViolet, the cloud-based licensing system backed by some of the biggest Hollywood film studios, has always been looking to realize the virtualization of its consumers’ DVD and Blu-ray media collections. The service has already partnered with Wal-Mart to make this process easier for consumers. More recently and in relation to this UltraViolet development, Rovi Corporation […]

How To Make A DVD Case Art Frame Display

We all celebrate anniversaries of one kind or another – from the first time a couple meets, a wedding date, or even a birthday. Finding a crafty way to celebrate offers a personal touch. Re-using something that would otherwise just pile up in the closet, also brings a sense of accomplishment and peach of mind […]

How To Make CD Case Wall Art

Transferring all my music CDs to a binder has left me with lots of CD jewel cases. Some of them are even still in good condition – though most of them are covered in scratches and little cracks. I don’t have that much room to store them, but would rather not just throw them out and […]

Blu-ray Discs Still Growing – Sales Increase 13%

Despite the popularity of online content streaming giants, like Netflix, and potential upstarters, like UltraViolet, some consumers still prefer physical discs to digital content when it comes to enjoying movies and television series. The preference is substantiated by the fact that Blu-ray disc sales from the first half of the year increased 13% compared to […]

Convert Your Digital Mobile Phone Movies Into DVDs

While most people are familiar with shooting home movies and editing them on a computer, not many are as confident when it comes to having to convert those video files into DVD. This quick tutorial on converting .AVI files to DVD will teach you a new home video production skill and add an even more […]