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Pioneer Introduces BDR-S08J 15x Blu-ray Disc Writer

If you have not bought yourself a Blu-ray disc writer yet, then this new innovation from Pioneer may just be what you are looking for. Pioneer Japan announced the release of a new Blu-ray disc writer just this week. Based on its predecessor the BDR-208M disc writer, The BDR-S08J is a 15x Blu-ray disc writer […]

Lite-On Vs. Transcend External DVD Writers

External hard drives are not the only consumer products that are undergoing renovation in design. Even external CD and DVD writers are getting major makeovers to be more compatible with the sleek and slim design of notebooks, most especially ultrabooks, of today. Following this compulsion are Lite-On and Transcend. Both companies have designed ultra-slim portable […]

Advances In Archival Optical Disc Storage

U.S. researchers from Case Western University in Cleveland reported that they are developing new technology that will improve upon the current optical disc. The improved disc would allegedly be so storage dense that only five to ten of the discs would be needed to hold the whole print collection stored in the Library of Congress. […]

Pioneer BDR-PR1M Archival Blu-ray Writer

Pioneer has two new Blu-ray disc writers in line for release for professional applications. The target market for the disc writers are businesses, libraries, and museums; the goal, to provide a way to transfer and store critical data on archival Blu-ray discs. There are a number of Blu-ray duplicators that can make many copies of […]

Blu-ray vs. DVD vs. 4K

HDTVs are now not the only television sets offering consumers a high definition viewing experience. 4K dimension TVs are in, and they produce extremely crisp details that make you feel like you’re viewing things firsthand. 4K TVs, however, work best with 4K resolution images. So what happens if DVDs and Blu-rays were played through a […]