Singulus Announces BLULINE III 100GB Blu-ray Replication Machine

By · Friday, September 27th, 2013

Singulus Announces BluLine III Blu-ray Replication MachineWhen you buy a Blu-ray movie from the store, where does the disc inside come from? It’s made in a factory somewhere, but how, and by whom? It’s easy to buy and enjoy the latest titles without ever thinking about the technology that makes it all happen.

Movie studios and distribution groups such as Sony Pictures, Universal, and Columbia manufacture movies and TV shows on DVD and Blu-ray discs to sell to the public. In their manufacturing plants, these companies will use machines such as the BLULINE from Singulus.

A professional Blu-ray replication machine can make tens of thousands of perfect copies of movies from a single “glass master” disc in a process that is also referred to as pressing or stamping. The current generation of BLULINE II machines is capable of producing single-layer (25GB) and dual-layer (50GB) Blu-ray movies.

Now, Singulus has announced their latest generation of machines, the BLULINE III. These machines can support manufacturing of triple-layer (100GB) Blu-ray discs! This is exciting news for the home entertainment industry, because Blu-ray is the only physical media format equipped to handle the new standard of 4K Ultra HD video.

While 4K is still too expensive for most of us, it is definitely on the horizon as the standard of the future for home entertainment. With four times the resolution of current High-Definition television, 4K is going to need a LOT of storage space for all that information. That’s where the new triple-layer 100GB Blu-ray disc comes in.

The Singulus machines will be purchased by the companies that manufacture movies for retail sale, so most folks will never see one in action. However, they will feel the end product as they pop a 100GB Blu-ray disc into their 4K Blu-ray player.

It’s a boom for the packaged media industry as Blu-ray continues to offer the best user experience of any format. With better picture and sound quality than DVD videos and and the convenience of watching a movie without a reliable, high-speed Internet connection (required for streaming videos), Blu-ray is the format of choice for Ultra HD entertainment.

There is no word yet on when these machines will become available or when 4K Ultra HD will take off, but we are expecting it to grow rapidly over the next few years.


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