How To: Use CDs For DIY Ornaments

By · Thursday, December 20th, 2012

How To: Use CDs For DIY OrnamentsThe amount of electronic waste present in landfills is alarming. Not only are most devices non-biodegradable, but they also leak harmful materials into the soil, leading to detrimental environmental effects. To avoid this, a dedicated few are working their hardest to reuse electronic products to prevent them from ending up in landfills. Such actions have led to groups of people who regularly “upcycle,” or transform computer accessories and peripherals into something completely different but still useful.

Below, I will show you how to take inexpensive CD-R, DVD-R and BD-R discs and make awesome Christmas ornaments.

Upcycling is leading to some awareness in people that they should be more conscious of the things that they throw into the trash. Since Christmas is right around the corner and CDs are one of the largest sources of electronic waste, the situation and the material can be turned into a DIY project. Here’s quick guide in upcycling unused CDs into mosaic-style ornaments.


For this project, you need to gather some glass ornaments (it doesn’t matter whether they’re new or old), CDs with silver backing, ribbon, scissors, and glue. To get started, cut up the CDs for the ornaments using the scissors. Make sure to get the CDs cut into shards or mosaic shapes tiny enough to be glued onto the glass ornaments flat (if not, with most of the piece glued onto the ornament). Once the CDs have been turned into mosaic shapes, get a glass ornament and start gluing the CD shards onto the glass. Work by parts, stopping occasionally to let the glue dry, if you have to. When you’re done with the first ornament, take the second one and repeat the steps; keep repeating until you’ve finished however many glass ornaments you’ve set out to decorate.

The CD ornaments are just about ready. To finish them up, take the ribbon and cut it into segments of the same length. These lengths of ribbon will let you hang your DIY ornaments on your Christmas tree. Loop the ribbon segments through the top portion of the glass ornaments and then knot. You now have new ornaments that cost less than buying new ones. Not only that, you’ve managed to lessen, even in a little way, the number of CDs that make it into landfills every year.

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