Will Gaming Consoles Use Blu-ray or Streaming Video Games

By · Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Will Gaming Consoles Use Blu-ray or Streaming Video GamesWhere do Blu-ray discs fit in the future of gaming consoles? While Sony owns Playstation and thus a vested interested in maintaining Blu-ray in their future consoles, other gaming manufacturers do not have as much of an incentive to add Blu-ray disc playback capability to their devices. Further, they are building up a large collection and capacity to transfer seamlessly to streaming video game content.

While other popular manufacturers of gaming consoles such as Nintendo and Sony have been slow to update their series of gaming consoles, Microsoft has been nailing it with regular updates to their Xbox line of gaming consoles. Microsoft, which now owns around 50% of the video game consoles market, is widely expected to launch the Xbox 720 during the end of 2013 to directly compete with the PlayStation 4 which will be released around the same time.

There have been rumors online with a supposedly leaked document of Microsoft about the features of Xbox 720 floating around on a number of websites recently. The document has now been removed and there have been no official statements from the company so far denying the authenticity of the documents, the features mentioned in the document have been discussed by many tech news organizations.

Support for Blu-ray is one thing the Xbox fans had been crying for since the launch of the PlayStation 3 in 2006 featuring Blu-ray. It came as a surprise (or rather a shock) when the Xbox 360 was launched in 2010 without Blu-ray support since the PlaySation 3 which retailed for a lesser price featured Blu-ray and made a naturally better deal. If the rumors are anything to go by, the Xbox 720 will feature Blu-ray. There have been other interesting features such as full HD 1080p output, Kinect 2 and Kinect Glasses listed in the document.

The Xbox 720 (whose name is not official yet) is expected to be launched during the Christmas of 2013 or the Spring of 2014 for a price of $299.

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