Seven Creative Uses for CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc Cases and Spindles

By · Thursday, June 21st, 2012

7 Creative Uses for CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc Cases & SpindlesReusing is even better than recycling because it takes one great thing and continues it’s life as another thing. Besides, filling up my trash bin with digital disc spindle cases means I have to take out the trash more often. With all the great ideas out there, I am sure that there are a few days of crafting ahead for all of us.

The great projects below are focused specifically on Cake Boxes, or more commonly known as CD/DVD/Blu-ray spindle cases. In these days of MP3 and the Cloud, there are fewer cases just lying around, but they are there – under the bed, in the back of the closet and always for sale online. Dig them out, dust them off, have them mailed over and get ready to Reduce, Reuse and Up-cycle these unbelievably useful Cake Boxes!

1. Spindle Case Planters

Any office space, mine especially needs a touch of green – and not from the mold growing in the back of the company fridge. We loved making the desk-top terrarium recently and are glad to have this eco-friendly way of bringing new oxygen into the workspace. A simple design puts the emphasis on the plants. Plus you can see the roots and soil – don’t forget to water!

2. CD Spindle Lamp

Now that green is growing all over the office, set the mood and keep those little buds happy with a matching lamp! The great thing about this is the glow of ambient light that will come through. This project walks you through each step. I think there are a few light kits at stores that may cut out a few steps, so play around. And make sure to read all the instructions BEFORE starting. Besides, you may need to burn several hundred CDs or DVDs before you get those cakeboxes empty.

3. CD-R Case Lunchbox

So simple you feel like you thought if it already! Perfectly sized for bagels and sandwiches, CD cases make transporting lunch to work an mess-less breeze. Make sure to wash the case on the top rack of the dishwasher first, that way you can make sure it’s clean for food. Remember, the plastic in these cases is human-safe, made of polypropene. FYI!

4. CD Spindle Earring Stand

Making earrings is a great crafty hobby. They make great gifts and can be made out of almost anything – including Mini CDs which you can paint on! But once you have more than a couple pairs, it is really necessary to have somewhere to keep them from tangling up. These step-by-step directions are easy to follow and ultimately customizable. Go earring stand crazy!

5. DVD Case Drill Bit Stand

A few of these projects require you to get out your drill and drill bits. Fun stuff if you ask me. Unfortunately, I usually have to dig through the bottom of my tool bag to find the right bit. This project reuses DVD spindle cases for simple and useful drill bit or router bit storage. That way, you’ll always find the bit you need.

6. DIY Furniture Parts Container

As a little kid, I loved standing at my Grandpa’s feet in his work room staring up at his work bench. I remember all the glass jars he had filled with screws, bolts, do-dads and what-nots. Of course, this was the early days of Reuse/Recycle. Those jars were reused jelly jars that got eaten through sometime in the 50’s and then put to good use for another four, five, six decades. The CD spindle case takes the trash we generate today and uses it the same way. Store all the little screws and bolts that come with DIY furniture here and keep what you need in one easy place!

What other great ideas have you come up with to reuse old CD, DVD and Blu-ray cakeboxes?

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