Pioneer to Showcase Blu-ray Burners at CES 2012

By · Friday, December 30th, 2011

Pioneer to Showcase Blu-ray XL Burners at CES 2012There’s just over a week remaining until the 2012 CES show kicks into gear, and manufacturers are starting to hint at what’s in store for this year’s event. The rumor mill is buzzing over Pioneer Electronics, one of the major backers of the Blu-ray disc format. Industry sources say that Pioneer will reveal two new drives at the show.

The first drive is the BDR-207JBK. This drive will be a standard size 5.25″ internal SATA drive that supports recording on Blu-ray XL discs. You may recall that BD-XL discs have a storage capacity of 100 gigabytes, twice that of a double layer Blu-ray disc and four times that of standard Blu-ray recordable media.

The BDR-207JBK boasts the ability to record on nearly every type of optical media: Blu-ray XL, standard Blu-ray, DVD-R, DVD+R, and CD recordable discs. There aren’t a lot of details available right now, but we presume this drive will be an improvement over Pioneer’s 206MBK Blu-ray XL drive that we wrote about a year ago. Although BD-XL is still a niche market, we hope that new drives like this one will help the format become more widely adopted.

We predict that this drive will be popular with high-end system builders and backup enthusiasts who are distrustful of hard drives. Who knows, we may even see a Blu-ray XL duplicator tower come out featuring these drives! Pricing and specifications have not yet been announced.

Pioneer is also rumored to be preparing a new ultra-portable drive that they claim is the world’s smallest Blu-ray burner. Details are scarce, leaving us to speculate about the drive’s features. Will it sport a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 interface? Will it be USB-powered or will it come in a sleek enclosure that requires external power? How will it compare to the external USB 3.0 Blu-ray burner offered by CDROM2GO? We are looking forward to answering these questions early next month.

Pioneer’s consumer electronics division has invested heavily in Blu-ray and makes everything from burners to players to high-definition televisions for playing movies back. If these drives are anything like Pioneer’s previous offerings, we know they will deliver in terms of quality. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Blu-ray XL and Blu-ray hardware, only from the CDROM2GO Blog!


who sells Blu-ray XL blank disks?

Both Verbatim and Panasonic make BD-XL media but we haven’t seen it available for sale anywhere yet. It is still an emerging technology.