Primera Announces New 4051 50-Disc Publisher

By · Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Primera Announcs Bravo 4051 50-Disc PublisherBack in February of 2010, Primera Technology announced the retirement of the popular Bravo II disc publisher. The company changed its focus away from 50-disc machines like the Bravo II to concentrate on developing 100-disc publishers such as the Bravo Pro Xi and Bravo 4100.

Upon Primera’s exit from the mid-size disc publisher market, Epson saw a golden opportunity to fill the void. They released a 50-disc version of their best-selling DiscProducer publisher in April of 2011. With a single CD/DVD burner drive, a built-in inkjet printer, and a 50-disc capacity, the DiscProducer PP-50 had all of the characteristics that made its predecessor great. As you might imagine, sales of this affordable disc publisher have been very healthy.

There are many smaller businesses, churches, and organizations for whom the 20-disc Bravo SE Publisher is too small, but the 100-disc Bravo 4100 is too large. Now, Primera is jumping back into the game with a mid-size disc publisher that’s “just right.”  Staying true to the mid-size publisher formula they created, the Bravo 4051 publisher includes a single CD/DVD recorder, a 50-disc capacity, and an inkjet disc printer with a robotic loading arm.

This machine is aimed squarely at Epson in the battle for dominance of the disc publishing industry. In order to take on the DiscProducer, Primera have given the Bravo 4051 a number of great features. First of all, the machine features the same 4-color print head found in the 4100 series. With its 6-second print time and 4800 dpi resolution, there is no compromise between speed and quality.

For recording, the Bravo 4051 features a combination burner drive from Sony Optiarc that records both CD and DVD discs. There are also rumors that Primera may release a Blu-ray publisher version of the 4051, which would give them a major competitive advantage over Epson. As it stands now, none of Epson’s DiscProducer publishers support Blu-ray disc recording.

Like Primera’s other publishers, the 4051 features blue LED accent lighting and a seventh-generation robotic picking mechanism that’s over 300% faster than the robotics found in the old Bravo II machine. While both the DiscProducer and the Bravo 4051 are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7, only the Primera unit has software for Apple users. The Bravo 4051 will feature drivers and software for OS X 10.6 or higher, including the new v10.7 Lion release.

However, the real deal is the price: when the Bravo 4051 goes on sale, it will cost approximately $400 less than the full-size Bravo 4101 publisher. Early estimates are that the machine will be priced about $50 below the DiscProducer PP-50, which sells for $1,925.

We are looking forward to doing an in-depth review of the Primera Bravo 4051 publisher in the near future. In the meantime, be sure to check out our selection of autoprinters, disc publishers, and label printers in The Primera Equipment Store at

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