DVD Mastering and Video Conversion Services

By · Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

DVD Mastering and Video Conversion ServicesWhen it comes to disc duplication, CDROM2GO does more than just copying discs! We can also transfer your old VHS, MiniDV, and other tape formats to the DVD format with our DVD mastering and conversion service.

Converting your old tapes to a high-quality digital format is the best way to prevent data loss. While this process will not improve the quality of the original video, it will keep it from degrading further. This service is ideal for home movies, training videos, archival footage, and other important videos that need to be preserved.

To get an idea of what is required to convert your tape to a DVD, let’s take a look at some of our DVD authoring packages.

Our basic DVD package includes up to two hours of video converted to a DVD disc for $79 dollars. The disc does not contain a menu and will play automatically when inserted into a DVD player or computer. This no-frills package is a very affordable way to get your video transferred to DVD. It’s also one of our most popular packages!

The standard package includes two hours of video conversion plus a DVD menu for a more professional appearance. Customers can select one of several pre-made menus which will be customized with their project’s name and information. The menu features 12 chapter points with thumbnail title screens from the video. Pricing for the standard package is just $199 bucks.

Customers who want even more should consider the plus package from CDROM2GO. This package includes our DVD authoring service for up to 2 hours of video, a custom main menu screen with your content or artwork, and up to 2 chapter menus. Each of the menus features 12 thumbnails, which can be still pictures or short video clips. The plus package offers a DVD that truly looks and feels like your own for just $399 dollars.

Finally, our deluxe package includes everything needed to make a custom DVD master from scratch. We will transfer your video to DVD (up to two hours) and include a 30-second introduction or motion menu when the user plays the disc. From the main menu, up to four sub-menus are available for whatever you want – bonus features, chapter selections, and more! The deluxe package also includes the option of adding additional chapter points or menu options, all for just $599 dollars.

If you don’t see a package here that fits your needs, don’t worry! Custom DVD authoring services are also available. Just drop us a line and let us know if you need more than 2 hours of video, a custom menu with buttons and links, a photo slide show, background music, or anything else you might need! You can get a free service quote by visiting us online at CDROM2GO.com today!

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