Square Off with AV Pro Cube Duplicators

By · Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

AV Pro Cube DuplicatorsThe new line of AV Pro “Cube” duplicators from US Digital Media is proof that it’s hip to be square. Check out our guide to these boxy disc copiers to see which one is right for you!

First up we have the bread and butter of the line: the AV Pro Cube duplicators. These machines are available with your choice of 1, 2, or 3 CD/DVD burner drives. They feature a robotic picking arm that will load and unload discs automatically. One- and two-drive machines have a 25-disc capacity, while three-drive machines have a 60-disc capacity.

The AV Pro duplicators all feature a drawer that slides out of the front of the machine to catch the finished discs. When not in use, the drawer slides neatly back into the machine for storage.

For more functionality, look to the AV Pro Cube automated CD/DVD duplicators with LightScribe. These machines feature the same great disc copying abilities plus LightScribe compatibility. Simply create your artwork on a computer and load it to the duplicator via a CD-R disc. Next, place a stack of LightScribe discs in the hopper and start the machine.

The robotic arm will load and unload each disc after it is printed. This method of copying and printing discs is very efficient because it allows the operator to work on other tasks while the machine is running.

For compatibility with all major formats of optical media, look to the AV Pro Blu-ray duplicators. These machines are available in the same 25-disc and 60-disc capacities as the previous machines, but with the notable exception that they have built-in Blu-ray burner drives instead of CD/DVD drives.

An autoloading duplicator makes a lot of sense when burning large high-definition projects. Blu-ray discs come in 25GB and 50GB capacities – far larger than a DVD disc. The burn time for a project also increases because of the larger amount of data that needs to be written to the disc.

In this case, letting the robotic arm automatically pick, load, and unload the discs saves the operator from having to babysit the machine while it burns. The machine can also be left to run overnight in “lights out” mode.

Finally, the ultimate AV Pro Cube duplicator offers both Blu-ray and LightScribe functionality in the same machine. The advantage of this is that the machine can burn CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs as well as etch LightScribe printable discs. This kind of versatility is very convenient for a small business that needs to be able to copy multiple disc formats from multiple sources.

Whether you need a simple automatic DVD/CD copier, DVD duplicator or a deluxe 3-drive Blu-ray burner with LightScribe, there’s an AV Pro Cube duplicator to meet every need!

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