DVD Authoring Service Explained

By · Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

DVD Authoring ExplainedIf you have ever wondered what DVD authoring is and whether or not you need it, you are not alone. Customers often ask us about our DVD authoring services, so I thought I should take a minute and explain what this means. In short, DVD authoring means taking an edited video and making it ready for mass production.

The authoring process comes after the final video has been edited. Authoring a DVD video disc usually includes the creation of a menu that viewers can use to access your content. Any extra features, deleted scenes, and bonus content are also tied in to the disc’s menu.

Another step in the authoring process is adding chapter points. Chapter points can be inserted manually at specific points during the program, or they can be added automatically at specific intervals. These allow users to quickly jump to the scene they wish to see without the need to skip over the entire movie as with a VCR.

When those steps are finished, the final video project is ready to be recorded. This ‘master disc’ will be reproduced hundreds or thousands of times using a DVD duplicator tower, so it needs to be perfect. This is where hiring a professional can really pay off. Here are three good reasons to have someone else author your DVD:

1. Someone with experience in creating DVD masters has an advantage over a novice who may make a small mistake. Handing this off to a professional will ensure that the master disc is produced free of errors.

2. Hiring a professional means you do not have to pay for and learn how to use DVD authoring software. This will save both time and money when trying to complete a project.

3. When you hire a DVD authoring service, your disc will be completed on-time. This is an important factor for organizations which are trying to complete their project on a deadline.

When you are producing a disc that needs to look great, a professional DVD authoring service may be the answer you need. Of course, there is more to creating a great DVD project than just having a cool menu and some chapter points!

The multimedia experts at CDROM2GO can assist you with every step of your custom DVD project. They offer a wide variety of services including video conversion, logo design, and artwork creation in addition to authoring services.

With so many service options to choose from, one thing is for certain: you can count on the experts at CDROM2GO to help with DVD authoring – or with your entire project! To learn more about what services and packages are available, please visit CDROM2GO.com today!

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