How to Screw Up Your Duplication Project

By · Monday, February 7th, 2011

How to Screw Up Your CD-DVD Duplication ProjectIn the past, we’ve written about all kinds of tips and tricks to help make your disc duplication job go as smoothly as possible. Today, we’re going to try something a bit different. I’m going to describe all of the different things you should do if you want to royally screw up your duplication project!

1. Wait Until the Last Minute
When you want to make life difficult, the best way to get started is by waiting until the last minute to get things done. If your need your discs in hand by a certain date, don’t plan ahead. Instead, wait until a few days before your deadline to get started. This will give you as little time as possible to make decisions.

2. Don’t Look at Your Options
We have hundreds of different DVD and CD duplication packages to choose from. Don’t make it easy for yourself by checking them out online before you call. You don’t want to risk discovering a package that’s right for your needs or anything like that.

3. Focus Only on Price
Look, the fact is, we will do whatever kind of duplication you want. If you choose a beautiful full-color printed disc in a cheap paper sleeve because that’s all you can afford, we’ll do it. Just don’t stop to consider how your product will look to the customer. Instead, focus only on getting the lowest price and nothing else.

4. Ignore Our Artwork Requirements
A sure-fire way to delay your project is to ignore our Art Requirements, so make sure to ignore that one promptly. Don’t use high-resolution source images, don’t use our free template to set things up, and definitely don’t contact us for help if you have any questions. This will help put your project behind schedule in no time!

5. Send Us A Bad Master Disc
When sending us the master disc with your audio, video, or data files, make sure you don’t test it out first. Having a disc that all of your customers can play would be a success, and that’s not part of screwing up your CD/DVD duplication project.

5. Avoid Contacting Us
The next step to screwing up your duplication project is to avoid contacting us in any way. Don’t respond to emails and don’t return phone calls or voicemail messages. Being unavailable definitely makes it harder for us to contact you regarding any questions or concerns about your job.

6. Keep Us Guessing
After approving your artwork proof, make sure to request a ton of new changes. After all, are great designs ever really finished? This will cause further delays and could possibly even make your job not ship out on time when combined with #5.

There you have it. Follow these six easy tips and you’re sure to have a frustrating and difficult time getting a simple duplication project done. If for some reason you want to have a fast, painless, and successful duplication project done, I would recommend doing the opposite of what you read above.

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