Get Affordable Disc Packaging with CD Envelopes

By · Friday, February 25th, 2011

CD Packaging & CD EnvelopesAn envelope could be defined as any kind of paper or cardboard packaging whose purpose is to store or protect flat objects. In that sense, a CD envelope is simply another term used to describe a disc sleeve or cardboard mailer.

By definition, a paper CD sleeve is also an envelope since it completely encloses the disc and has a flap which can be folded or sealed shut. As far as CD packaging goes, paper sleeves offer basic disc protection at an incredibly low price. A sleeve will protect a full-size CD or DVD disc from scratches and scuffs and at just $7 dollars for 100 sleeves, they are a super value!

If a regular paper sleeve isn’t quite what you are looking for, there are several varions of it which may be more appropriate to your project. Take a look at our recycled paper sleeves for example. These sleeves look just like a regular paper sleeve but are produced using post-consumer grade materials. These sleeves are ideal for companies and organizations who are concerned about the environmental impacts of using paper products.

Another type of packaging is the Tyvek sleeve. Tyvek is a special material which was invented by the DuPont Corporation. The material is a weave of microscopic plastic fibers that has incredible strength while remaining very lightweight. A disc stored in a Tyvek CD envelope will be well protected from moisture, scratches, and other dangers.

While paper and Tyvek CD envelopes are great, they do not provide adequate protection for sending a disc through the mail. For that, you should look to our selection of carboard CD mailers. These sturdy envelopes will keep a disc safe from harm as it travels through the mail to its destination.

Cardboard CD mailers usually feature an adhesive seal strip for sealing the envelope quickly easily. This saves a lot of time when sealing up dozens or hundreds of discs for mailing because no glue or tape is necessary; all you have to do is peel the strip and seal it shut!

If you want the sturdy protection of cardboard but don’t need to mail discs, take a look at our cardboard CD envelopes. They come blank but can be custom-printed with your own text, art, and graphics. Cardboard mailers also have a generous amount of space for applying stickers or labels to the front and back.

Whether you need to package a DVD or CD disc, envelopes are a great choice. They are available in paper, recycled paper, Tyvek, cardboard sleeves, and cardboard mailers. To shop for these and a huge selection of other CD packaging choices, please visit CDROM2GO today!

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