Top Uses for Recordable Blu-ray Discs

By · Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Top Uses for Recordable Blu-ray DiscsWe all know that Blu-ray discs offer a lot of bang for your buck. A package of blank Blu-ray media offers a lower cost-per-gigabyte than most hard drives. What are some ways that you can put Blu-ray discs to work for you? Let’s look at some of the top uses for recordable Blu-ray discs:

1. High-Definition Videos
The most obvious use for Blu-ray is to create videos in stunning high definition. Many consumer-grade camcorders and devices can shoot video in high definition, whether it’s a get-together with friends or a birthday, wedding, or other special event. A 25GB BD-R disc can hold approximately 2 hours of HD video.

2. Data Storage
With a Blu-ray burner in your home computer, it’s easy to store large files in a very small amount of space. Personal photos, documents, and your entire library of music could be stored on a single disc. Storing your files on optical media keeps them safe from hard drive failures, viruses, and other disasters.

3. Information Archiving
Storage capacity is always an issue when organizing lots of information. Colleges, libraries, charities, nonprofits, and other organizations could benefit from the high capacity and low cost of Blu-ray as an information storage and retrieval system. Blu-ray has several advantages over magnetic tape – namely that it does not degrade over time, it is not vulnerable to magnets, and that its random access times are much faster than magnetic tapes which store information in a linear fashion.

4. Corporate Backup
Small to mid-size businesses have critical data to back up just like big businesses. Customer records, tax and accounting info, emails, and workstation files are often backed up on a regular basis at many companies. Backing up company documents to Blu-ray discs is a great idea because they can be stored at a secure, off-site location such as a safe deposit box.

5. Multimedia Work
Are you a professional who deals with multimedia? Whether you’re an audio engineer recording sessions or a video editor shooting commercials and music videos, you will run into some large project files very quickly. The temptation to delete them can be strong, especially when you are pressed for free space. However, backing up these files on a Blu-ray disc is a good idea in case they are needed in the future. When a client calls in a panic, you’ll be glad you saved them.

These are just a few of the many ways in which Blu-ray discs can be used. After authoring the master disc on a computer, you can use a tower copier to duplicate Blu-ray discs in large quantities. You can even go all-out and get some Blu-ray cases for a full retail-ready look.

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