Nine Creative Uses for CDs and DVDs

By · Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

9 Creative CD & DVD UsesNow that you may have moved your music and data from CDs and DVDs to MP3 players, flash drives or other storage mediums, you may be facing a dilemma: what do you do with those discs you have piled up in corners, closets and shelves collecting dust? Before you think about pitching them in the nearest trash bin, take a look at these nine creative uses for CDs and DVDs. Not only will it have you treading with a lighter carbon footprint, but you’ll discover that beauty and function can come in unexpected places, to prove the old adage, “what’s old is new again.” It may even compel you to want to purchase more discs for crafty projects.

– Create a CD or DVD chandelier: We all know that when a disc catches a certain ray of light, it shows a rainbow, iridescent shine. Why not play that up with a homemade light fixture? If you have the know-how and handyman/handywoman skills, you can thread the discs and attach them to a metal frame that will encircle a light bulb anchored into a traditional ceiling fixture to create a sparkly twist. CD Chandelier
– Relax with CD/DVD drink coasters: Prevent that inevitable condensation from your icy cold drink. The size of your discs will already accommodate most mug or glass bases. Add paint, markers, jewels and other items to truly transform the disc’s standard appearance into a living room staple. CD Coaster
– Transform discs for pest protection: Hang or string together old discs in strategic locations in your yard. The shiny, reflective surface will deter hawks, small birds and rabbits from wreaking havoc while also providing a unique landscape novelty. CD Pest Protection
– Brand a CD or DVD into a useful hiking tool: An old reflective CD is just as effective as a signaling mirror if you find yourself in a compromising wilderness situation. It will also cost you less to use one than its retailed square counterpart.
– Divide rooms with a fancy disc curtain: Forgo the hippie beads and shells to divide your room or dorm. By string the discs together in consecutive rows and hanging on the ceiling or wall, you will get more privacy than beads will provide with the larger disc surface area while giving an eclectic flair. CD Room Divider
– Capture memories: Make a disc photo frame by cutting a photograph to your desired shape and adhering it to the center of the disc. You’ll end up with a shiny border for a frame. To boost its authenticity as a frame, add felt and a hook or stand to the back. CD Photo Frame
– Design a work of art: Crush or cut your discs into a bunch of little pieces to create mosaic surfaces. They can be glued and collaged anywhere—table tops, walls, floors, etc. CD Mosaic
– Clean up messes: Discs could save you money on brushes or brillo pads by scraping kitchen grime off dishware, removing annoying stickers or stripping snow from car windows. CD Ice Scraper
– Tell the time: CDs and DVDs share the same face shape for a standard wall clock, so why not make one with a modern, shiny surface? Purchase a clock kit and fasten the hands to the reflective side of the disc. Use your creativity in making or displaying the numbers 1 through 12. CD Clock

If you still love CDs and DVDs just the way they are (for their traditional uses) like we do, or if you’re inspired to take on a crafty disc project that leaves you wanting more of them, check them out at CDROM2GO.

What kind of creative uses can you dream up for CDs and DVDs? We’d love to hear your ideas!