What to Look For in A DVD Duplicator Controller

By · Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

DVD Duplicator ControllerWhen shopping for a disc duplicator, most folks are primarily concerned with the number of drives, the warranty, and the price. These are all very important things to consider, but it’s also worth a minute of your time to examine the duplicator’s controller as well.

The controller is one of the most important parts of a DVD/CD duplicator. This is where the display screen, buttons, and all of the menu functions that perform the tower’s functions are located. It is used for everything from loading masters to copying discs. The controller is the essential piece of hardware that makes it all work. It is the brains of the operation.

The controllers we use in our Accutower CD/DVD duplicators are really something special. They have features and options you just will not find in other machines. For example, the Accutower lets you change which menu is displayed when the tower starts up. Copy is fine for most people, but if you use the hard drive frequently or regularly change the source drive, you could easily set it to either of these menu options.

Another great feature is the auto-start function. When the tower detects a blank CD-R or blank DVD-R disc in each of the drives, it will begin copying automatically. If the tower is not filled completely (for example, placing 6 blank discs in an 11-drive tower), it will still begin copying automatically after a few seconds. Little features like this really save a lot of time, especially when duplicating large numbers of discs.

All of our Accutower DVD duplicators come equipped with internal hard drives for storing copies of disc images. While other duplicators also have hard drives, the way the Accutower handles it is totally unique. Other machines often have a complicated process for loading a master disc to the hard drive. Menus on other machines are often cumbersome and require the operator to create a partition, select a partition, and then load their master disc to that partition.

With the Accutower, this is a painless process. Simply navigate to the HDD Manager, choose Disc => Image, and place your master disc in any drive of the tower. The controller automatically creates a partition and stores the entire contents of the disc to the hard drive. Partitions are automatically resized to the size of the master disc, which means that no hard drive space is wasted. The image is then selected as the default source and the tower is ready to burn!

The feature-packed controllers in the Accutower can also test, copy, and verify master discs. They can record the number of discs burned over the life of the machine. They can even walk your dog for you! Haha, just kidding! They still cannot do that. When it comes to burning CD and DVD discs however, the Accutower DVD Duplicator is the best deal around.

For more information including detailed product photos, specifications, and pricing, please visit us online at cdrom2go.com.


This is a good controller. I know a few people who have used it with excellent results for their DVD CD duplication. The next time we need to upgrade our duplication hardware we’ll be choosing this controller.