Primera Says ‘Bye Bye’ to Beloved Bravo II Publisher

By · Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Primera Says Bye Bye to Beloved Bravo II PublisherAs the poet Robert Frost wrote, “Nothing gold can stay.” His enduring words remind us that as good as things are, they will not stay the same forever. This is also true of the disc publishing industry, where even great equipment must ultimately be retired to make way for new and improved machines.

Over the years, the Bravo II has earned itself an almost legendary status. It is by far the most popular Autoloading CD/DVD duplicator that Primera has ever produced. People admire the Bravo II for its reliable robotics, sharp print quality, and great price. It would not be a stretch to call the Bravo II the standard to which all other disc publishers are compared.

Late last year, Primera quietly announced that the Bravo II was nearing the end of its product life cycle. Around the same time, they introduced the Bravo Pro Xi – a new family of disc printers and publishers that are the official replacements for the Bravo II.

The Bravo Pro Xi has several advantages over the outgoing Bravo II. First, it offers a larger capacity of 50 discs, up from 25 with the Bravo II. Next, it offers upgraded robotics that are approximately 300% faster than the previous model. Finally, it is available with an optional Blu-ray upgrade which the old Bravo II never had.

Though the old machines were popular, the new ones are packed with lots of cool new features. It’s definitely worth an upgrade for the speed and capacity alone, but there are other features such as the cool blue lights on the inside that really set the Bravo Pro Xi apart from the competition.

Because it is available as an CD/DVD autoprinter, 1 or 2-drive publisher, and a 1 or 2 drive Blu-ray unit, the Bravo Pro Xi can be used in nearly any duplication environment. From small and mid-size businesses to churches, musicians, and videographers, the Bravo Pro Xi is ready to satisfy every production requirement.

On the heels of the Bravo II’s retirement comes the news that the ADL-MAX autoloader is also being discontinued. When combined with a Bravo II, it allowed users to upgrade their machine’s capacity from 50 discs to 325 discs total!

While the ADL-MAX was a great idea, it never really caught on with most Bravo II users. I thought the ability to produce over 300 discs with a completely automated machine was pretty darn cool! It’s a shame that more people didn’t take advantage of it while it was around.

Though some people would say the Bravo II was as good as gold, it could not stay on top forever. But do not despair, for what we have seen so far with the Primera Bravo Pro Xi looks just as good (if not better) than the Bravo II! We’ll be sure to keep you posted here on the CDROM2GO blog! Thanks for reading!


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While the larger capacity of the new replacement machine is good for “hands free” overnight runs, it just increases the waste when printer ink run out halfway through a run. I can not imagine a 300 discs job that experiences the ink shortage after a 100 or so discs. Ink and knowing when it would run out for real has been the biggest drawback I have experienced with my present Bravo Pro. The little cartridges (expensive little cartridges) do not seem to live up to the software predictions for disc numbers and results in about a 20% waste factor. I hope that the new machine might actually have solved the ink issue and perhaps use a cartridge that could actually do a predictable number of discs. I will not be jumping on this band wagon until my Bravo Pro actually dies and even then I might have to switch to something with better ink management!