How to Create LightScribe CD/DVD Discs with LightScribe Template Labeler Software

By · Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

How to Create LightScribe Discs with LS Template Labeler SoftwareThe Accutower LS DVD/CD duplicator is an impressive machine. It features all of the performance and reliability of a standard Accutower plus the extra functionality of LightScribe! For an explanation of what LightScribe is, please read my previous post: A Quick Guide to LightScribe CD/DVD Labeling. Today, I am going to walk you through creating a LightScribe disc for use with your Accutower duplicator in this step-by-step tutorial.

Important: Make sure you install the software from the disc that came with the tower! Do not download the LS Template Labeler software from a website or other source as it will not be properly configured to work with the Accutower LS!

1. Every Accutower LightScribe DVD/CD duplicator includes an installation disc with the LightScribe software. Place the disc in your PC’s disc drive and double click on My Computer. From there, click on your disc drive (usually the D:\ drive) and the software should launch the installer as shown here:

Installing the LightScribe Software

2. The software may take several minutes to install.

Installing LightScribe Template Labeler Software

3. When the installer has finished, remove the Installation Disc from your computer’s disc drive. Now you can run the LS Template Labeler by going to the Start menu, then Programs, and then the LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling folder. Choose “LightScribe Template Labeler.”

Accessing LightScribe Software from the Start Menu

4. A dialog box will appear that prompts you to place a LightScribe disc into your computer. SKIP THIS STEP by checking the box marked “Do not show this message again” and then click OK. You do not need to put any discs in your computer just yet.

Skip this step

5. This is the main program window of the LightScribe Template Labeler software. Designing a LightScribe label is a 3-step process that begins with Step 1: Choosing a Template. You can select from a number of pre-made templates on the left hand side of the screen. To start with a blank template, scroll all the way down and click the blank disc.

Choose a Template

6. For this tutorial, I have chosen the “Movie Reel” template. This template features two text input fields and four picture input fields.

Movie Reel Template

7. Use the mouse pointer to select an area that you want to edit. Items turn yellow when they are selected. Here, I have changed the headline text on the disc to read “How to Burn with LightScribe.” The box on the left lets you adjust the size of the text as well as add effects such as Bold and Italics.

Changing Text

8. Next, you can use the mouse pointer to insert an image. Just click on the area and follow the instructions in the dialog box at the left. You can either drag-and-drop an image on to the program, or you can browse for a specific image by clicking the “Open” button.

Inserting a Picture

9. Repeat Step 8 for each image you want to add. Here I have added a total of four images. Please note: the images will not be in color when they are etched onto the final discs as the LightScribe process is monochromatic only.

Adding Additional Pictures

10. When you are satisfied with your artwork, click the button labeled “3. Preview and Print.” A window will appear with a preview of your disc artwork. Make sure that “Disc Duplicator(TSSTcorpCDDVDW SH-223L SB01)” is selected from the drop-down box.

Preview and Print

11. Click the Print button to generate your LSI file. A dialog box will prompt you where you want to save the file. In this example, I have named my image “Project1.”

Save the LSI File

12. The LightScribe software will begin generating the LSI file. This may take a while depending on the speed of your computer.

Generating LSI File

13. The following dialog box may appear and disappear several times while the LSI file is being generated. This is normal.

Creating LSI File

14. The program will display a notification when the LSI file is complete! You can now save your project or exit the program.

Finished Creating LSI File

15. Browse to the location where you saved the LSI file in Step 11. This file must now be written to a CD-R disc with Nero, Roxio, or another burning application. Make sure to finalize the disc, and also make sure that the LSI file is on the root directory of the disc. If you put it in a folder, the duplicator will not be able to see it.

Finished LSI File

From here, you can take the CD-R disc with the LSI file you just created and load it into your Accutower LightScribe CD/DVD duplicator. Then place your LightScribe compatible CD or DVD discs in the tower and press Enter. The tower will record the artwork on to all of the discs simultaneously. When finished, you can flip the discs over and record your CD or DVD data. It’s as easy as Burn, Flip, Burn!

If you have additional questions about the Accutower LightScribe duplicator and its features, please visit us online at CDROM2GO.COM or call us toll-free at 877-992-3766 today!


By Jason NAvarro on November 21st, 2010 at 1:53 pm

this doesnt work. I beleive that all lightscribe duplication is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!
good luck to anyone who came across this post. because creating LSI files as far as I can tell does not exist anywhere.

The process described here is specific to the Accutower LightScribe duplicator towers sold by US Digital Media and may not work with equipment from other manufacturers. If you are having a problem with one of our machines, please give our technical support department a call at (877) 992-3766 and they will be glad to assist you in using your Accutower LightScribe duplicator.