Accutower DVD/CD Duplicators Now Feature SATA Drives

By · Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Accutower SATA DVD/CD DuplicatorsThe past several years have brought tremendous improvements to standalone DVD/CD duplicator towers. Drives are quieter, write speeds are faster, and towers are packed with more features than ever before. This is also true of our Accutower duplicators. In fact, the whole line of them has recently switched over to SATA drives!

As recently as the 1990s, a duplicator tower was a very expensive machine to own. If you could get one for under $2,000 it was a great deal! Most duplicators at the time were CD-only because that was all the SCSI burners could handle. These older machines had complex control boards that required a mess of wiring inside to work. The controllers were confusing and difficult to use. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

Duplicators had improved tremendously by the time the first Parallel ATA drives were standardized in 1994. Parallel ATA could provide higher burn speeds than SCSI drives. The year 2001 saw the introduction of the first DVD/CD combination burner from Pioneer. For the first time, a single duplicator tower could burn both CD and DVD discs! Controllers had also shrunk to the size of a single 5.25″ bay, down from the computer-sized boards they used to be.

Today, Serial ATA is the new standard for storage devices. The SATA interface is rated at 150MB per second for SATA I and 300MB per second for SATA II devices. These high speeds are necessary for next-generation optical drives like those found in the Accutower Blu-ray duplicators and Accutower LightScribe DVD/CD duplicators.

There are many benefits to using SATA drives over Parallel ATA drives. In addition to the increased bandwidth, SATA drives offer reliable performance for DVD and CD burning. They are also extremely affordable, with 1-to-1 SATA duplicators starting at just $199!

One of our most popular duplicators is the Accutower Xtreme 10-drive SATA DVD/CD tower. This machine features an 80GB hard drive for storing master disc images and 10 SATA recording drives. This allows you to copy 10 discs from the hard drive, or 1-to-9 copies “on the fly.” At just $699, this tower is too good to pass up!

In general, the standalone DVD/CD duplicator industry has seen tremendous improvements in technology over the past decade. The transition to Serial ATA drives provides greater speed and performance at a lower price than ever before. With that in mind, I can safely say that the current offering of Accutower DVD/CD duplicators is our best lineup ever!

To learn more about Accutower duplicators and the benefits of a SATA tower, please call one of our friendly sales associates (toll free as always) at 877-992-3766 or visit us at: today!


so basically the Accutowers dupers on the outside are still the same, just some bigger and better guts…very nice!

Actually, Bob, you are partially correct. The outsides are the same and the guts are better, but they aren’t bigger. A SATA cable is actually smaller than an IDE, but like hard drives that are shrinking in size and increasing in capacity, bigger isn’t always better. :-) Here’s an article about IDE vs. SATA that talks about why SATA is better. It also has a great picture to show the size difference.