Accutower LightScribe DVD/CD Duplicators Now Available!

By · Monday, November 9th, 2009

Accutower LightScribe DVD/CD Duplicator TowerCDROM2GO is proud to announce that our all-new Accutower LightScribe DVD/CD duplicator towers are now available! An Accutower LightScribe duplicator looks and functions just like a standard Accutower, but with one important difference: it can record LightScribe images directly onto compatible discs! How cool is that?!

Here’s how it works: the Accutower LS comes with a disc that contains the LightScribe design software. Once you load the software on your computer, you can design your own artwork and save it as a LightScribe image file. This file can be stored on the Accutower LS as an image.

With the image of your artwork stored on the tower, you can simply insert your blank LightScribe CD-R or LightScribe DVD+R discs in the tower with the printable side down. The drives will print your artwork directly on the discs! Print times will vary depending on the level of detail in your artwork.

With LightScribe, you can record text and monochromatic images on your CD and DVD discs from the same machine used for burning data! Best of all, LightScribe uses a laser to produce the images which means you will never have to buy ink or ribbons again!

The Accutower LightScribe DVD/CD duplicator is available with your choice of 3, 5, 7, or 11 recording drives for maximum productivity. A 10-drive Xtreme tower and a 1-to-1 LightScribe duplicator are also available. Each tower comes in a sleek black case that fits nicely on a desk or countertop. Making copies is easy thanks to the intuitive 4-button controller with backlit LCD display.

If you’re looking to streamline your duplication, the Accutower LS duplicator is the answer! This amazing machine can copy both CD and DVD discs as well as print on LightScribe media.

For more information including detailed specifications and pricing, please visit the Accutower LightScribe duplicator page at CDROM2GO!

UPDATE: Accutower LightScribe duplicators have been discontinued as of February 2013 due to LightScribe drives no longer being manufactured.

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