Clash of the Thermal Titans: Rimage Everest vs. TEAC P-55

By · Monday, September 7th, 2009

Rimage Everest vs TEAC P55Choosing the right thermal disc printer can be a tough decision. The two biggest names in thermal disc printing these days are Rimage and TEAC. How can you make an informed choice about which printer is right for you? Well my friends, read on to find out.

The Rimage Corporation has been in business since the 1980s, and has been involved with disc production since the mid-90s. With decades of experience behind them, you can bet that the current line of Rimage machines such as the Everest 600 printer are just as reliable as they are impressive.

TEAC is a Japanese company founded in 1956 and world-famous for their extensive home recording, consumer electronic, and data storage products.
The TEAC America division has been producing disc printers and loaders for over a decade and has the advanced robotic capabilities to make a machine like the Teac P-55C, which is one of the most versatile thermal printers in the world.

The Everest 600 is the flagship of the Rimage line of thermal printers. With a stunning resolution of 600 DPI, the quality of this printer is unrivaled anywhere in the industry. The thermal prints from the Everest 600 feature a beautiful gloss shine which doubles as a waterproof coating. Because the artwork is applied to the disc using a heated print head, the artwork will not fade or become dull over time.

With the color ribbon installed, this is the best on-disc printing you can get without sending your job to be printed at a high-volume manufacturing plant with heavy machinery. The Everest 600 also supports a monochrome black ribbon that is great for printing text and vector artwork. When you combine all of this with a print time of approximately 60 seconds per disc, it’s easy to see why the Everest 600 is one of the most popular thermal printers in the industry.

TEAC has given the Everest some serious competition with its P-55C thermal CD/DVD printer. As the newest member of the P-55 platform, it boasts a 66% improvement in print speed over the previous model. What makes the P-55C stand out from the crowd is its amazing versatility.

The P-55C has four different thermal printer ribbons to choose from. They are the black, color, photo, and the VersaMax ribbon. The purpose of this is to provide the greatest versatility by offering different ribbons for different types of CD and DVD media.

By providing users with a range of options, they can select the most economical ribbon for their needs. The color, photo, and VersaMax ribbons are good for 500 prints each, while the black ribbon provides an astonishing 2,000 prints!

Better yet, the TEAC P-55C can crank out 58 discs per hour at its highest quality setting, and up to 104 discs per hour with the black ribbon. The print quality is on par with the Everest 600 and discs come out looking every bit as glossy as the competition.

So which thermal printer is the better of the two? This is a tough call because both machines have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Although the Everest 600 costs slightly more than the TEAC P-55C, it boasts a higher print resolution and has proven to be an excellent workhorse here in our production department at CDROM2GO. While they’re both great machines, the Rimage Everest 600 is the one that I feel is truly the superior printer.


When our print department has done some testing there are a few other positives for each we found: On one side the Teac P-55 AutoPrinter has a mini disc tray ( which is nice for production environments to provide versatility. But on the other hand the Rimage Everest CD/DVD printer has a CMY+White ribbon ( that is awesome for printing on cheaper silver discs and still printing artwork with white. But overall the Everest AutoPrinters win out every time as the Print Department’s recommendation for any thermal disc printer environment because of it’s easy usability and constant quality.

Thanks arother! The Everest 600 and TEAC P-55 are basically your only two options if you want that type of quality so it’s good to know what to expect.

By Viki Pittsley on March 1st, 2010 at 7:26 am

Is it just me, my browser or the site? The page doesn’t load fully, and I refreshed already :(

I’m sorry to hear that you had trouble reading our article. I’m honestly not sure why you were not able to view this article. If you are interested in reading this article and you still can’t get it to load, let us know and we’ll email you a copy. I assume the gmail you setup for your email address is correct. :-)

Cool article, Thanks. I’m after a disc printer and I was considering the TEAC, they are a very good company from what I can gather. Thanks.

Majority of our Label Artwork uses PMS Color. The print result from Everest 600 is not really close. Would anyone know if the Teac with their CMYK ribbon can produce a better PMS match than the Everest. Thanks in advance.

Let me add, that our Thermal Printable DVDR & CDR have the white “do-nut” pre printed by the supplier.