10 Reasons to Love the Epson DiscProducer

By · Monday, August 18th, 2008

10 Reasons to Love the Epson DiscProducerWell get out the crayons and color me surprised! There’s a new disc publisher in town from Epson. Yes, the same Epson who have been making all manner of home, office, and specialty printers since the late 1960s. My only question is: what took them so long? I’ve barely started using it, and I already have a list of ten reasons why I love the Epson DiscProducer.

10). I’ve seen several reviews of the DiscProducer that make a big deal about its 52lb (23.5kg) weight. Personally, I’d call it a sturdy and well built contender, like a heavyweight champion. I love the feeling of a solid piece of duplication equipment that was clearly built to last.

9). The DiscProducer differs from other publishers down to the frame. I like the front-loading design, instead of traditional top loading publishers. The Disc producer gives you the freedom to stack other equipment above and around the machine as needed.

8). When you need the capacity to mass produce, the DiscProducer has got you covered. Its three disc bins can hold up to 100 discs per job, which is more than many other publishers can say. With the machine automatically running up to 100 discs at a time on its own, you can be free to do other things – like writing lists of the things you love.

7). Okay, this is a really cool one. The front panel of the printer has an LED indicator light for each of the six separate ink cartridges. This ingenious idea lets you check ink levels quickly and easily, and will alert you if any cartridge is running low. Better yet, you can save on ink by only replacing the color you are out of.

6). The DiscProducer pulls double duty when it comes to DVD and CD burning. It has not one, but two built in recorders that feature 12X DVD and 40X CD recording. This is further evidence to support my theory that this machine was designed to be a workhorse. (Don’t let the 12X DVD fool you, I believe Epson has under-rated the DVD burn speed).

5). The built in printer will print directly on your inkjet-printable DVD-R and inkjet-printable CD-R media. It has two print modes: one for speed and one for quality. That’s not to say the quality mode isn’t fast, or the fast isn’t quality. In quality mode, it can print up to 40 full size, full color discs at 1440 DPI in about one hour. In speed mode, that jumps to about 60 discs per hour. Wow!

4). For most autoloading publishers, the robotics are one of their weak points. It just so happens that the robotic arm in the DiscProducer is one of its strongest points, thanks to its exclusive AcuGrip technology. With AcuGrip, the machine can sense if two discs are stuck together and actually pry them apart, which prevents it from getting jammed. This is a nice little feature that has been popping up around the industry of late.

3). While hardware features are important, it is the software that the user will spend the most time working with. The Total Disc Maker software was designed specifically for this machine, and it does its many jobs quite well. The all in one program has features for burning discs and designing artwork in a clean and simple format that is very simple to navigate.

2). From the start, Epson inspires confidence in its buyers by offering a full one-year warranty on the DiscProducer. To me, that is the sign of a company who is not only proud of its creation, but also willing to back it up. Don’t forget the enormous technical resources available on their website as well!

1). Probably my favorite thing about the DiscProducer is its unique appearance. It looks more like a mini fridge than a disc publishing machine. Yet I have come to love the transparent window that lets you watch the action as it happens, and it knocks down on some of the noise too.

In fact, I have come to love a lot of things about the new Epson DiscProducer (as you have just read). But most of all, I love that it just works. My hat goes off to you, Epson, for a job well done. Keep checking back for my in-depth review.


Nice article, I never knew Epson did more than just paper printers.

Well written, I will definitely come back to check out future articles

A few months ago our quite aged Bravo II died, and I bought one of these Epsons from you to replace it. Your service was great. And the printer is great. Kind of a waste, but we have tower duplicators and use the Epson only as a printer. But it is beautiful and fast. The machine itself is rock solid. I was impressed with our Bravo, but it can’t hold a candle to the Epson. The high capacity ink cartridges are great, as is the fact that each color gets its own cartridge. It is fast, fast, fast and never misses a beat. Highly recommended!